Vacu Vin Vacuum Container Black incl. Pump | 1/3L/44 fl.oz | Box

The Vacuum Container is a 2-in-1 solution for vacuum food storage and instant marinating. With the included vacuum pump you can extract the air to keep your food fresh for longer or to speed up the marinating process.

Vacuum Storage helps you keep your food fresh for longer. Store your snacks, fruits, vegetables, dry food, coffee beans or leftovers in the vacuum container. Use the Vacuum Pump to extract the air form the container and create an air tight vacuum seal. Preserve you food for up to 5 times longer. A great solution to reduce food waste!

The Vacuum Container is also helpful for last minute food preparations. With the vacuum environment you can marinate your meat, fish or poultry under vacuum no time. The vacuum opens the pores of the meat so that it absorbs the marinade better. So last minute cooking or barbecue plans? No problem!

– 2-in-1 solution for vacuum storage and instant marinating
– Preserves your food under vacuum to keep it fresh for longer
– Helps your marinate food in no time
– Vacuum Pump included


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