Vacu Vin Vacuum Wine Stopper Pink/Blue/Purple Set of 3

Vacuum Wine Stoppers are designed to be used in combination with our Wine Savers. The Wine Saver system is used to reseal an opened bottle of wine by extracting the oxygen from the bottle, creating a vacuum to preserve your wine for longer. The vacuum can easily be released, which means you can enjoy a glass of wine whenever you want.

These Stoppers can also be used to temporarily seal your wine bottles during parties or dinner parties by simply using the airtight stoppers without crating a vacuum.

Why we like it:

  • Pink, Blue and Purple
  • Use in combination with the Wine Saver
  • Airtight sealing of wine bottles
  • Vacuum slows down the oxidation process
  • Reusable stopper
  • Not for sparkling wines
  • Made in the Netherlands


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