Wine Accessory Set | Set of 6

The Vacu Vin Wine Accessory Set contains 6 must-haves to open, serve, chill and preserve your wine. The gift box is assembled and packaged in our social production facility in the Netherlands. This set is discontinued.

The set contains:

– Double Hinged Corkscrew
– Active Cooler Wine
– Wine Server Crystal
– The Original Wine Saver
– Two Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

Double Hinged Corkscrew
# Lightweight 3-in-1 corkscrew
# Effortlessly opens wine bottle

Active Cooler Wine
# Chills your wine in 15 minutes
# Keeps the bottle cool up to 90 minutes
# Store in the freezer to enjoy a cold class at any moment

Wine Server Crystal
# Pours wine drip-free
# Suitable for all standard cork and screw top bottles
# Dishwasher safe

The Original Wine Saver & Vacuum Wine Stoppers
# Preserves your wine under vacuum and make it last (up to 10 days
# Makes a “click” sound when optimum vacuum is reached
# Suitable for all standard cork and screw top bottles
# Wine Stoppers are dishwasher friendly


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